For buyers

How can a homebuyer find themselves a bargain? With so many homes on the market in your area, some of them are clearly going to be better value than others – but it is hard to spot them.

There are indicators that help homebuyers identify a bargain. And ReAgency can help you.

How long has a property been on the market? Sometimes, things simply don’t work out for someone trying to sell their home. It might have an old kitchen or the bathroom is too small. It might be in the wrong school catchment or too far from a mainline station.

But although these things have other buyers off, they might not seem such a problem for you. And if a property has been advertised for a while, the seller (who may well have their eye on somewhere of their own to buy) might be able to accept a lower offer in order to secure the sale.

Is the asking price for the property reducing? It might be that the agent has estimated too high an asking price, or that the seller was too optimistic about what they could achieve. Either way, the property is now being offered for less than it was when first advertised – and the seller may be willing to accept a further reduction. So why not make them an offer?

The listings on the following pages show how far the asking price has fallen for these homes and how long they have been on the market. We think this type of information is what a buyer needs to help find themselves a bargain. So if you make an offer on one of these homes, why not contact us and tell us how you get on?

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